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Best Prices in Las Cruces

All flower top-shelf indoor, grown locally


(775) 223-9080



1590 E Lohman Ave.
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88001


Sun-Thurs 9:00am - 8:00pm
Fri-Sat 9:00am - 9:00pm



Consumer Information

Medical Consumer Age - 18+
Recreational Consumer Age - 21+

Daily Deals

Buy 5 prerolls get one free
$7 grams every day
$25 1g vape pens all day
$20 1g of wax
$15 gummies
$9 blunts 
A free pre roll on your first visit
A free pre roll with a google review 
Bring a bud and get some bud ( a free gram)
shout us out on instagram for a free gram!

Weekly Deals

Monday: $5 grams

Tuesday: Buy 2g wax get 1 free

Wednesday: $7 grams

Thursday: Buy 2g wax get 1 free

Friday: Buy 4 pre rolls get 1 free

Saturday: 10% off all flower and pre rolls

Sunday: $7 grams

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Organ Mountain Cannabis is committed to only
selling its products to consumers of legal age.

Must be 21+ to enter.