You may have heard the common words of indica, sativa, or hybrid but maybe you’ve never heard a less commonly used word: terpenes. So what exactly are they? They are chemical compounds found in plants and some animals. They are the reason as to why vegetation has different aromas, flavors, and even colors. In regards to cannabis, terpenes are the reason as to why certain strains of it taste or smell completely different from one another. 


Some common terpenes include:

Beta-caryophyllene: is a main ingredient in rosemary and can be useful in combating anxiety and depression.  

Humulene: found in ginseng and is useful in energizing. 

Limonene: citrusy that has anti-cancer and anti-anxiety properties  

Myrcene: found in mangoes; sedating effects 

Linalool: lavender aromatherapy that helps with stress

While there are over 400 terpenes, it is important to learn how cannabis strains get the aroma and flavor to produce these sativa or indica effects. As you learn more about cannabis and its several different properties, it will be beneficial to pinpoint which terpene gives you the best result. 

If you’re curious about terpenes and want to learn more about choosing the right one for you, visit Organ Mountain Cannabis today! Our friendly budtenders are here to assist you with all of your recreational cannabis needs.

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