Why Buying Legally is Important

Cannabis has been making headlines for years after it has been slowly legalized in multiple states. Each state can decide how retailers can obtain a license to sell and there is much stress of only buying from licensed dispensaries. There is a tight quality check for all products, internal testing, and testing guidelines to ensure your cannabis purchase has been verified for safety. In order to make sure your product is safe, there is always an extra layer of protection called the COA. It will provide full lab results of your individual product with QR codes printed on the packaging.

When buying from a dispensary, it protects you from the illicit cannabis that can come from illegal growers who may use pesticides and herbicides. The chemicals they use are toxic for the environment and thus, you are supporting harmful practices.

The more you are buying legal cannabis from licensed dispensaries, the stronger the argument for cannabis policies around the country. It is also important to buy locally due to the fact that dispensaries give you expert advice. Not to mention, you are able to choose from a larger assortment of options that can be catered to your specific needs.

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